Solving women problems

Hello! and welcome to my blog on solving women problems anywhere in this world. Women have problems which mostly they cannot share or are afraid to  spell it out. Problems could be anything from family dysfunction, abuse, health, legal, career, fitness, careers and jobs to loneliness. We all have problems and mostly find solutions to those. There are scores of women folks who  live with their problems and can never share those for reasons best known to them, as well as, their inability to share personal matters.

My service is absolutely free, neither will I ever ask you to  buy any thing nor indirectly introduce you to anyone or anything which will cost money.  Genuineness is the hallmark  of my service to you. There is no expectation from you in return of  the efforts I may make in solving or trying to solve your problems. It is a different matter if you feed roadside animals and birds as a gratitude towards my services to you. It will definitely make me happy and thankful to you.

What is worrying you?  try  and make a clear picture of that in your mind, call me at +91- 8961689062 or  write it down clearly, step by step and mail it to me at You will definitely  hear from me. If I need  more information, I shall seek it from you to help you resolve your problems.

Never send confidential mails from other person’s  computer  and never forget to put your very own contact number/mail id to be so that I may be able to contact you.

Meanwhile, take care and love yourself; be kind, compassionate, merciful and caring towards others, man and creatures alike ; behold you will always be free from trouble.

Love you all,

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Eric EH Buddhadharma


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